2015 Placement Statistics

Companies that hired at least one student from the MS&E program for a summer internship in 2015

  • Consulting: Bain & Company, Ernst & Young, Kurt Salmon, Millward Brown Vermeer, Simon Kucher & Partners    
  • Financial Services: Argus Information & Advisory, Bank of China, Brean Capital, BNY Mellon, CITIC Securities, Citigroup Global Markets, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Kemnay Advisory Services Inc., Nomura Securities, PwC, Sanford C. Bernstein, Sonenshine Partners, THL Partners, Trexquant Investment LP 
  • Energy: Carbon Credit Capital, PG&E Power Company
  • Start-ups: Boomerang, Chuze, Endpoint, Hello Fresh, Labotec, Next Jump, RoomZoom, Self-founded startup, Talent Jungle, Trendy, Uptake 
  • Media & Communications: LinkedIn, R/GA, Simulmedia, Inc.
  • Technology: Microsoft
  • Health Care: Lively, New York Presbyterian, UVM Medical
  • Supply Chain/Logistics: Amazon, Amgen, FreshDirect, General Motors, Louis Vuitton, Nike 
  • Transportation: JetBlue

Sample summer internship titles include: 

Equity Research Associate, Data Science Intern, Risk Analyst, Operations Analyst, Operations Analytics, Data Analyst/Business Development, Marketing Analytics, Senior Product Manager, Advisory Consultant, Financial Analyst, Research Analyst, Supply Chain Intern, Business Analyst, IT Service Engineer, IB Analyst 

Summer Internship Statistics 2015:
98.4% of students secured a summer internship
79% of students sought summer internships in 2015
84% of internships were in the United States

2015 MS&E Job Placement

Full time placement for those students that began the program in September 2014 and graduated in October 2015 was 100% for those seeking placement. Placement for those that recently completed their degrees in February 2016 was 100% within 3 months of graduation.

Job Location for 2014 Cohort:
50% secured permanent placement in New York Metro Area    
17% secured placement in Europe   
16% secured permanent placement in Asia  
11% secured placement in other U.S. cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and Boston    
  6% secured placement in South America 

Industry Placement for 2014 Cohort:
35% Consulting  
18% Start-up  
17% Financial Services  
  7% Internet- e-commerce/technology  
  6% Digital Media/Advertising/Analytics 
  6% Public Service  
  4% Energy  
  4% Luxury goods  
  1% Transportation  
  1% Supply –Chain Logistics
  1% PhD/Academia  

Companies that extended offers to one MS&E student or more from the 2014 program that started in 2014 and graduated in October or February 2015

  • Consulting: Bain & Co, McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, Deloitte, EY, ATKearney, PwC, Novantas, Argus, EXL, GEP Worldwide, Chappuis Halder, QVARTZ
  • Start-up: Ekimetrics, Uptake, Paperless Post, Uber, Qubit, FreeWheel, Founded Talent Jungle, Founded lengoo, Jasper, 2 Founding Start-ups, Hello Fresh  
  • Financial Services: Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Citi, China Merchants Bank, Vantage, Rothschild, Citigroup Global, Union PayRight, Guotai Junan Securities
  • Internet-e-commerce/Technology: Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Fresh Direct 
  • Digital Media/Advertising/Analytics: Simulmedia, Criteo, L2
  • Public Service: Singapore Military Service, LTA, PTT Company 
  • Energy: Pacific Gas and Electric, EDF-Energy, Smart Energy
  • Luxury goods: Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal Division Luxe, Kooples
  • Transportation: Hainan Airline Tourism Company
  • Supply-Chain Logistics: Amgen, General Motors  
  • Other: PhD

Sample full-time titles include: 

Risk Analytics/Consultant, Associate Consultant, Business Analyst/Consultant, Senior Consultant, Consultant, Junior Product & Delivery Analyst(Healthcare Analytics), Senior Analyst, M&A Analyst, IB Analyst, Quant Analyst, Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Manager, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Operations Logistics Manager, Associate Data Analyst, Big Data Analyst, Pathways Operations Manager, Business Analytics Associate, Sr. Product Manager, Operations Analyst, Software Engineer, Project Manager e-commerce, International Logistics Engineer, Distribution Planning Manager, Transport Planner, Management Trainee, Data Scientist/Statistician Consultant, Lead Researcher, Client & Modeling Solutions Consultant  

Salary for 2014 Cohort of students who received full-time offers in the US:

  • Average Base: $84,038
  • Base Salary Range: $62,500 - $138,000
  • Average Sign-on Bonus: $9,500

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