Abhinav Sharma

Software Engineer, Dev Ops, Microsoft Azure SDN
MS in Management Science & Engineering

Abhinav is a recent graduate of the Management Science and Engineering program at Columbia University. He is currently working as a software engineer within Microsoft Azure Software Defined Networks wherein he is helping develop tools that maintain Azure infrastructure and network reliability. During his course of study at Columbia, Abhinav led a team on a consulting project with Booz Allen Hamilton on cyber security in the enterprise. He was also one of the board members for ELC - an active consulting group that serves students of the IEOR department. His electives included courses in operations, programming and analytics.

Prior to New York, Abhinav interned at various software companies, including Microsoft, Cisco Systems and IBM. He received a Bachelors in Engineering in Computer Science from Manipal University, India.

During his free time, Abhinav likes to read articles on technology, start up funding, machine learning and product management. He has a keen interest for music and devotes time playing drums. He is also an enthusiast of 8 ball pool and billiards.