Ameen Nadoom

MS in Management Science & Engineering

Ameen joined The Boston Consulting Group's Dubai office as an Associate after concluding his M.S. in Management Science & Engineering from Columbia University in December 2016. Prior to his job, he worked as a Sales Engineer for a leading Industrial Gases Manufacturing firm in the GCC. 

As part of the Operations Consulting class, Ameen led a team of eight students to help Louis Vuitton develop and implement an automated supply chain tool to improve the efficiency of their new products replenishment process in order to prevent stock outs at launch. He was also nominated as a course assistant for the class where he mentored three teams on their year-long projects.

During his time at Columbia, Ameen was an active board member of the Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Consulting Club. He holds a B.S. degree in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering from Kuwait University. In his free time, Ameen enjoys playing tennis and the oud.