Data Analytics for Operations Research


IEORE4523 Data Analytics for Operations Research

Instructor: Hardeep Johar

Prerequisites:  Concurrent registration in Python for Operations Research.  Mathematical and scientific programming. Data visualization. Introduction to analysis of social networks using computational techniques in network analysis and natural language processing. 

Survey tools available in Python for getting, cleaning, and analyzing data. Obtain data from files (csv, html, json, xml) and databases (Mysql, PostgreSQL, NoSQL), cover the rudiments of data cleaning, and examine data analysis, machine learning and data visualization packages (numpy, Pandas, Scikit­learn, bokeh) available in Python. Brief overview of natural language processing, network analysis, and big data tools available in Python.  Contains a group project component that will require students to gather, store, and analyze a data set of their choosing. (The course was formerly IEOR E4572)