Data-Driven Entrepreneurship

Summer 2015

DROMB8858 Data-Driven Entrepreneurship

Instructor: Prof. Asha Saxena

Course Description:
Many companies are using data as the core enabler for their business and for many it is the fundamental economic value of the company behind the service they provide.  This course focuses on topics relevant understanding and building these types of high-growth companies.  How do you create a data driven start-up? What are the fundamentals of building a data driven firm? How can the value of a firms data assets be maximized. What are the differences between an idea and true opportunity? How does an entrepreneur form a team and gather the resources necessary to create an enterprise? This class focuses on team projects, in-depth case studies, research on the entrepreneurial process, and the opportunity to network and ask questions of top entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. For engineering graduate students who seek to understand the formation and growth of high-impact technology driven start-ups.

Course Objective:
This course introduces the fundamentals of data-driven entrepreneurship.  You will learn the process that data-driven entrepreneurs use to start companies.  It involves taking a technology idea and finding a high-potential commercial opportunity, gathering resources such as talent and capital, figuring out how to sell and market the idea, and managing rapid growth. 

This class demonstrates the entrepreneurial mind set ... when others see insurmountable problems, people look for opportunities in technology and business solutions. An entrepreneurial perspective is also a wonderful way of thinking in order to tackle new opportunities in today’s innovative market place.