Designing Digital Operating Models


IEORE4575 Designing Digital Operating Models

Instructor: Anthony Effik

There will be a focus on the fast evolving sectors of ecommerce, advertising technology, and marketing technology, as venture capitalists chase returns in the ever increasing automation of the marketing, sales, and advertising functions.

Marketing and sales were once the broken link in the chain of automation and software that stretched from the sourcing, and manufacturing of goods to robotic production lines, to distribution and supply chains driven by technology. There is now a frenetic amount of innovation happening in this space.

We’ll look widely across the industry to better understand its dynamics, but we’ll also dig deeper to look at the algorithms, patents, and business models at the core of the most successful players in the business.  We’ll explore and define the different types of data in the industry and how they are used, as well as look at how they can be used to craft strategy and formulate measurement plans and systems.

While some techniques in data analysis and statistics will be addressed, this is a non-technical course with a primary focus on the business side of the digital ecosystem and the digital economy.