Global Capital Markets


IEORE4711 Global Capital Markets

Additional Information: IEOR_E4721_Fall_2010_Syllabus.pdf

3 pts. Refer to course syllabus. Fall: Global Capital Markets, taught by Professor S. Dastidar. This course is an introduction to capital markets and investments. It provides an overview of financial markets and teaches you tools for asset valuation that will be very useful in your future career. The extract below is from last year. While I was keen to have similar content, the class complained last year that the topics 2 and 3 were too esoteric for them. Based on what the class feels, I am probably going to replace it with general content on equities (i.e. replace 2 and 3 with 4). This course then becomes very similar to Capital Markets and Investments offered by the Business School. We will cover: 1. The pricing of fixed income securities (treasury markets, interest rate swaps, futures etc) 2. Discussions on topics in credit, foreign exchange, sovereign and securitized markets (we may drop this) 3. Private markets - private equity and hedge funds, etc. (we may drop this) 4. We shall spend some time on equity markets and their derivatives, time permitting. We will aim to take a hands-on approach in this course. The course is somewhat quantitative in nature; you should be prepared to work with data and spreadsheets. Programming is not required. Nevertheless, this is a basic foundations course, and does not assume much prior knowledge in finance. Consequently, the course emphasizes a few cardinal principles while getting into some institutional detail. The word "Global" in the title implies that the concepts we discuss are relevant to all geographies; we will rarely get into specifics of any particular region.