Healthcare Operations Management


IEORE4507 Healthcare Operations Management

Instructor: Van-Anh Truong

Additional Information: IEOR_E4507_Fall_2013_Syllabus.pdf

3 pts. For senior undergraduate Engineering students: SIEO W3600: Introduction to Probability and Statistics and IEOR E3608: Introduction to Mathematical Programming; For Engineering graduate students: Probability and Statistics at the level of SIEO W4150, and Deterministic Models at the level of IEOR E4004. For Healthcare Management students: P8529: Analytic Methods for Health Services Management. Develops modeling, analytical and managerial skills of Engineering students. Enables students to master an array of fundamental Operations Management tools adapted to the management of manufacturing and service systems in banks, hospitals, factories, and government. Special emphasis is placed on healthcare systems. Through real-world business cases, students learn to identify, model and analyze operational improvements and innovations in a range of business contexts, especially healthcare contexts.