The Manufacturing Enterprise


IEMEE4310 The Manufacturing Enterprise

Instructor: Sheldon Weinig

Additional Information: IEME_E4310_Fall_2016_Syllabus.pdf

3 pts. Lect: 3. Refer to course syllabus. This class explores the strategy and operations of globalized enterprises that either manufacture a product or provide a service. The course bridges academia with the rapidly changing industrial world. Outsourcing and off shoring are two of many options for developing and manufacturing the products required. Financial measurements are reviewed but found to be insufficient to measure a business operation. Other methods are explored. The methodology, technology, ethics and dynamic strategy currently practiced by industry are examined. The dynamic of new product development is studied, as it is an absolute and continuing need for a company to remain competitive. Technical entrepreneurship is also explored, as it is a significant method of bringing new products to market.