Operations Research in Public Policy


IEORE4505 Operations Research in Public Policy

Instructor: Jay Sethuraman

Additional Information: IEOR_E4505_Spring_2006_Syllabus.pdf

3 pts. IEOR E3608: Introduction to Mathematical Programming or IEOR E4004: Introduction to Operations Research: Deterministic Models, IEOR E3106 or IEOR E4106: Introduction to Operations Research: Stochastic Models. This course aims to give the student a broad overview of the role of Operations Research in public policy. The specific areas covered include voting theory; apportionment; deployment of emergency units; location of hazardous facilities; health care; organ allocation; management of natural resources; energy policy; and aviation security. The course will draw on a variety techniques such as linear and integer programming, statistical and probabilistic methods, decision analysis, risk analysis, and analysis & control of dynamic systems.