Project Management


IEORE4510 Project Management

Instructor: Moshe Rosenwein

3 pts. Lect: 3. SIEO W3600 or IEOR E4150: Introduction to Probability and Statistics, IEOR E3608: Introduction to Mathematical Programming or IEOR E4004: Introduction to Operations Research: Deterministic Models, or instructor's permission. This course presents fundamental concepts of project management with an emphasis on the complex trade-offs that must be made by project managers - e.g., scheduling, costs, and quality. The course describes methodologies and tools that have been developed to support project managers using spreadsheet models - e.g., Critical Path Method (CPM), Program Evaluation Research Task (PERT). The course demonstrates how these methodologies and tools can be extended to more realistic problems - e.g., resource management. The course is targeted toward students planning careers in engineering management or technical consulting.