Quantitative Corporate Finance


IEORE4403 Quantitative Corporate Finance

Instructor: Rodney Sunada-Wong

3 pts. Lect: 3. Probability and Statistics at the level of SIEO W3600 or SIEO W4150, and Deterministic Models at the level of IEOR E3608 or IEOR E4004, or instructor permission. This course is required for students in the Undergraduate Advanced Track. This course covers important issues in engineering economics and quantitative corporate finance. We introduce key measures and analytical tools to assess the financial performance of a firm and perform the economic evaluation of industrial projects and businesses.  We also cover important concepts in utility theory, game theory and real options analysis. This course is a good preparation for positions in investment banking, consulting, private equity, venture capital, and corporate finance, and for entrepreneurs. Students can take only one of IEOR E4003 and IEOR E4403, but not both.