There's nothing like real-world experience to help you get a great real-world job. At Columbia, every MS&E student is required to work on year-long consulting engagements for actual clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. These experiences are provided to the students as part of the year-long Operations Consulting course. As you can imagine, these experiences greatly enhance your marketability to potential employers and have led to careers in, but not limited to, Consulting, Financial Services, Technology, Advertising and Communications Media, Start-ups and more. Just some examples of student projects are pricing, operations, optimization and analytics.

It is especially notable that students from this department flourish in the Consulting environment because the training and experience encompass the quantitative and qualitative skills necessary to succeed in this dynamic field. Course work emphasizes both management and engineering perspectives in problem solving, making decisions, and managing risks in complex systems.

In addition to providing an excellent foundation for a career in consulting, the skills you develop here will prepare you for success in virtually any industry relevant to today's global job market. 

Career Preparation:
We take your career development very seriously. Before you begin our program you will receive an extensive list of resources along with some exercises to complete in order to get a jump start on your career preparation and job search to effectively prepare for our career curriculum.  

Each MS&E student is served by a full-time dedicated career placement officer housed in the IEOR department. The career placement officer will partner with you from the time you enter the program through to completion and beyond.

The Process:
“Even at the Graduate level, many students enter the program not knowing exactly what they want to do for a living.” 

If you are entering our graduate program without a definite career goal in mind, you are not alone. We are here to help you consider all of your options, choose the career path that is best for you, and pursue that path energetically and successfully. The life and work skills you learn here will provide you with a firm foundation throughout every stage of your career.

Find some specifics of the ways we help you, both in a classroom setting and one-on-one

International Students:
The IEOR Career department is sensitive to the unique challenges and opportunities our international students face in the US, and have taken this into careful consideration when designing our professional development courses. We encourage our international students to get out of their comfort zones by helping them understand and navigate the cultural and business environments they will encounter here. Students learn how to craft introductory emails, engage in role-playing to prepare for one-on-one informational interviews and develop their networking skills, and learn how to keep connected after initial interviews and event attendance, with techniques proven to work in the US marketplace. We work closely with both employers and Columbia’s ISSO to make sure you have the information you need. 

The Master of Science in Management Science and Engineering program is STEM-certified and eligible for  F- 1 STEM

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