Core Curriculum

Required Core Courses 12 credits

MS&E have 6 required courses, for a total of 12 credits. The Fall Core is 9 credits, while the Spring Core is 3 credits.

Semi-Core Requirements 18 credits

MS&E students must also complete 18 credits of Semi-Core Requirements.

The Semi-Core requirements are split up into 3 categories: (1) Decision, Risk & Operations Electives (DRO), (2) Analysis Electives, and (3) Management Electives. Students are required to complete 9 credits from the DRO category. They are also required to have at least 3 credits from the Analysis electives and at least 3 credits from the Management electives, for a total of 9 credits between the two categories.

*IEOR E4501 is a co-requisite for IEOR E4523. Further, IEOR E4523 is a pre-requisite for IEOR E4526.

Pre-Approved Business School Course List

Students can refer to the CBS Approved Course Listing for additional electives that can satisfy the Semi-Core requirements. 

Breadth Electives 6 credits

The breadth electives can be selected from the Business School, the School of Engineering, the School of International and Public Affairs, the Law School, or the Departments of EconomicsMathematics and Statistics.

Electives are selected under the advisement of the student's faculty advisor. Courses taken from the School of Professional Studies will not be counted towards the M.S. degree (i.e. courses with the following prefixes: ACTU, BUSI, COPR, IKNS, SUMA, FUND, and more).