MSE Curriculum

The MS&E program is a three-semester program which can be completed in a single calendar year. Students enter in the Fall term and can either finish their coursework at the end of the following August, or alternatively, have the option to take the Summer term off (e.g. for an internship) and complete their coursework by the end of the following Fall term. Students are required to take the equivalent of 12 three-credit courses (36 credits).

Students must take at least 6 courses within the IEOR Department (18 credits), 3 to 6 courses at the Business School, and the remaining courses (if any) within the School of Engineering, the School of International and Public Affairs, the Law School, or the Departments of EconomicsMathematics and Statistics. Students in residence during the Summer term take 2 to 4 Business School courses in the third (Summer) semester in order to complete their program. Students in the MS&E program may select from six concentrational tracks: (1) Operations & Analytics, (2) Pricing & Revenue Management, (3) Entrepreneurship & Innovation, (4) Logistics & Supply Chain Management, (5) Financial Technology (FinTech), and (6) Healthcare Management. To facilitate with academic programming, students should complete a program plan to be reviewed by their advisor.

Courses with a FINC, DROM or MGMT designation are Business School courses. Courses with IEOR, IEME, CSOR designations are IEOR department courses. The curriculum breakdown is presented below.